The KAP Project

Project Overview

Figure 1: Project Overview

Project Location

Figure 2: Project Location

Project Geology

Location: East Proterozoic Redstone Arch, MacKenzie Fold Belt, Cordilleran Orogenic Zone

Regional Devonian carbonates are a favorable target zone for Mississippi Valley-type (MVT) orebodies.

Stratigraphic Contact: The Arnica-Landry Contact is exposed by steeply incised stream valleys, which cut down from a plateau area to expose mineralization

The abundance of known sphalerite-galena showings at the same stratigraphic level wherever this contact is exposed indicates high-potential for additional blind mineralization beneath the plateau over an 11 km x 13 km area.

Host Rocks: The Manetoe Facies of the Landry Formation

Mineralization is stratabound within this facies, where a 4.0 km x 1.5 km area is inferred to have the best potential for blind MVT deposits at less than 250 m depth below surface.

Geological Structures: Mineralization occurs on the limb of a gently dipping, broad syncline that characterizes the topography

The topography reveals the unit at surface, while structure-control provides an opportunity for more discoveries along the fold limbs.

Mineralized Characteristics: The Manetoe Facies exhibits brecciation, fracturing, granular dolomite, bitumen coated quartz needle silicification, dolspar, and calspar

These features are associated with MVT deposits, such as the historic Pine Point lead-zinc mine in the NWT.

Figure 3: Project Geology


*Averaged across 9 samples taken by Equinox Resources (1986)

Adjacent Locations

Figure 4: Adjacent Locations

Historical Work

1975: Cominco Ltd. performed a regional exploration program

1976: Cominco Ltd. performed geological mapping and sampling, soil geochemistry, trenching, and diamond drilling

1985: Equinox Resources Ltd. performed geochemical analysis

1994: Firesteel Resources Inc. performed geophysical surveying

1996: Firesteel Resources Inc. performed geophysical surveying and diamond drilling

1998: Firesteel Resource Inc. performed soil geochemistry

Future Work

Upcoming work on the KAP Property


Magnetic and Imagery Surveys

Soil Sampling

Diamond Drilling

Critical Element Geochemistry