Securing Domestic Chipmaking Metals

Dedicated to discovering critical minerals to meet the global rising demands

World Renowned Project Located in Ontario's Top Mining Jurisdiction

Integral Metals Corp. is a mining exploration company with a primary focus on critical minerals and chipmaking metals present in pegmatites within it’s 100% owned Zig Zag Property.

Positioned in Ontario’s prominent mineral-producing region and recognized as a top 10 global mining jurisdiction, the Zig Zag Property encompasses 8 mining cell claims, covering approximately 2,710 hectares of land.

Internationally Acclaimed Project Situated in Canada's Premier Mining Jurisdiction

Positioned in one of Canada’s prominent mineral-producing region, the KAP Property encompasses 6 mining cell claims, covering approximately 7,500 hectares of land.

Integral Metal’s KAP Property encompasses the entire mineralized southwest fold limb and hinge. The emplacement of these rare metals pegmatites is believed to be associated with enriched gallium, tantalum, and beryllium content.

Zig Zag Highlights

KAP Project Highlights


Integral Metals Corp. has brought together a dedicated team of experts with a focus on exploration and project advancement.


Gallium and Germanium are essential minerals for chips and semiconductors and are used for Military defense systems.

KAP Project

The emplacement of this property is believed to be associated with enriched gallium, tantalum, and germanium content.

The Power of Gallium Drives Global Economics